Comfrey Salve

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comfrey salve has been used for centuries as a valuable treatment for all types of skin, bone & muscle injuries.

Useful for:

    Helps wounds to heal quickly
    Useful for burns, blisters, and inflammation
    Has a soothing effect on any organ it comes in contact with, hence is great for arthritis
    Effective in treating eczema, dermatitis, and viral skin infections. Especially ulcers of the lower leg.

One of the compounds of the comfrey root is allantoin which is excellent in promoting tissue regrowth in the treatment of wounds. Promotes cell regeneration by breaking down red blood cells which account for their ability to heal bruises.

Make sure wound is properly cleaned and apply salve topically.


    Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Comfrey root
    Lavender & Calendula Flowers