Hand Crafted Soap Bars

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$3 for 4oz Bar
Hand Crafted with extra virgin olive & coconut & essential oils . My soaps are NOT melt & pour which contains harmful chemicals like glycerin (alcohol), sodium stearate (used to make rubber & paint), propylene glycol (a very powerful chemical which handlers must wear full body gear as the skin absorbs it so quickly & causes damage to brain, liver & kidneys), sorbitol (causes headaches), and the list goes on & on.
Made with following essential oils NOT man made fragrances :

    Basil for aches & pains, gout, and increases clarity of thought when bathing or showering
    Cedar wood for cellulite, acne, psoriasis, and helps open the pineal gland
    Charcoal draws toxic chemicals from the body, also contains tallow, extra virgin olive oil together with peppermint & anise essential oils
    Cinnamon to kill bacteria or as an antiseptic
    Citronella is an anti-septic, deodorant, and great for warding off insects
    Eucalyptus wards off insects
    Flax seed or Oatmeal soaps for exfoliating. It’s unscented, contains extra virgin olive oil and tallow
    Grapefruit is very up lifting and anti-septic
    Lemongrass great for acne prone skin
    Lavender is great for all skin types and has healing properties
    Pumice great for gardeners, mechanics, and smokers as it gently removes calluses and cleans dirty hands without the need for harsh cleaning agents. Contains extra virgin olive oil and tallow
    Peppermint kills fungus, viruses, and bacteria. It also has a wonderful cooling effect
    Rosemary improves dry and mature skin, also helps regulate oil secretions
    Vanilla is a popular calming scent