Mature Lotion

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$18 for 8oz Jar
A nutrient packed lotion made without any harsh chemicals & with ingredients you can pronounce!


    Evening Primrose Oil good for sortening papery dry skin, removes dead skin cells on your skins’ surface, unclogs blackheads. High in essential fatty acids that conditions, protects and nourishes the skin. Replenishes moisture lost by tanning and has regenerative effects on tissue & skin cells, hydrates the skin and restores lipid balance to dry skin.
    Rose Hip oil contains generous amounts of vitamins, minerals & 80% essential fatty acids, a natural anti-oxidant, improves skin elasticity & minimizes premature aging by reducing appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Good for sensitive, mature or damaged skin.
    Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which is the “healthiest oil on earth” according to S. Gursche MH who comments in Prevention Magazine. This oil also soothes, heals, and adds moisture to skin.