Skin Lotion

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$3 for 1.5oz
$6 for 3oz
Hand Crafted with aloe vera gel to sooth & add moisture, sweet almond & coconut oils to nourish skin & beeswax with its natural healing properties & essential oils NOT man made fragrances!
Available in:

    Lemon Grass is an antiseptic, great as a facial toner to fight acne or greasy skin types. Most amazing is in the summer season, it keeps mosquitoes far, far away!
    Peppermint known best for its cooling effect which is good for those tired aching feet & kills fungus, viruses & bacteria
    Rosemary rejuvenates chronic dry skin
    Patchouli & Ho Wood which stimulates cells, prevents stretch marks by tightening loose skin & reduces fine lines
    Argan is rich in vitamin E, carotenes, anti-oxidants & essential fatty acids, common in anti-aging creams
    Vanilla is an aphrodisiac & anti-depressant, A popular scent